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Bernie has always been interested in construction.  From a young age, he wanted to learn how to build a house from the bottom up.   


He has had a General Contractor license since 1995 and is also a licensed plumber.  His love for building and construction shows through in all the projects that he works on.   


As a business owner and manager, his experience comes in handy as he can personally literally do it all "from the bottom to the top".  He is known as the "practical mechanical engineer" as he loves to solve problems. 


Hollywood Home Improvements has developed some niches over the decades with repeated projects like decks, kitchen and bath and "great room" remodels, eathquake bolting; lately more ADU's and garage conversions; but is willing to take on various handyman or smaller projects if work flow permits.  


Knows there is a "fix" for ANYTHING in construction so has a creative, problem solving attitude towards projects.


He has also worked in the real estate industry which gives him a unique ability to look at a project from all angles and make sure that renovations are in the client’s best interest with regard to the future value and resale ability of the property. 


Communication is very important to Bernie.   He strives to make a project as easy and comfortable as possible for the client.  He seeks to understand what is needed and give the customer what they want, but is honest about resources and costs involved so everybody can be on the same page. 


Named his company Hollywood Home Improvements, with the attitude that every client and each project are the Stars!



Hollywood Home Improvements has been around since 1995, doing everything you can think of: bathroom remodeling, carpentry and wood repair, room remodels, additions, custom kitchens, garage remodels, doors and windows, decks, great rooms, painting, electrical, seismic retro-fitting, etc.

We can service private homes, rental properties, duplexes, whole buildings, office buildings – name it, we’ve done it!

We are here to give you what you’ve always wanted your home to be. Say it, and we’ll deliver it.

Our motto is ‘We can do it all from the bottom up!’, and that is very true. We strive to give you the best service, and make it an experience you won’t forget.

Get your home remodeled or repaired today!

Some of the areas we service are: Hollywood L.A., Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Studio City, Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, Silverlake, Echo Park, Pasadena and Encino.

But those aren’t the only areas. If you’re not sure we can service you where you live – give us a call. (323) 318-0900.

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