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Just bought a home in beautiful Los Angeles? Then it’s time to plan your deck remodeling options for summer fun in the sun. Those fortunate enough to have yard space for a deck can have one built to suit their family’s needs. There are so many different design ideas you can consider for your home. Once you have decided the design you want, you can hire a general contractor in Los Angeles that specializes in deck remodeling.

If you need help with coming up with ideas for your deck remodel, review the following concepts.

Throw Shade Over Special Occasions

Who said a deck had to be roofless? Sometimes, having a rooftop over the deck can make backyard fun more bearable, especially during the peak of summer. You can design a gazebo style deck or a regular covered backyard porch complete with screen wrapped around to keep mosquitoes out once the sun drops below the horizon.

Attach a Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi

Thinking about installing an above ground or in-ground swimming pool in your backyard? A wrap-around deck would be the perfect touch to your summertime oasis. You can decorate your new deck with lounge chairs, tables with umbrellas and other poolside decor. A Jacuzzi can also be added to really transform your backyard into a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

Transform Your Backyard Into a Giant Deck

Surely, you’ve seen these in luxurious home design magazines, and can be a reality for your property. You can create a deck that begins at your back door and spans across your backyard. Walkways can be used to connect the areas like your garden, swimming pool and gazebos. You can have your very own courtyard in the back of your home.

Build a Beautiful Sun Room

If you have a backyard that is north-facing, it could be the perfect candidate for a sun room. You can fill this room with flowers, plants, tables and chairs. Some people even turn this into a destination that children can play in. If you’re worried about the heat, you can include shades that you can draw to block the light whenever you want. A general contractor in Los Angeles can help you with the design of your sun room deck.

General contractors can also help you with bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a new home construction in Los Angeles, consider including a deck in the design. There are many contractors in L.A. that have a great reputation for designing and constructing beautiful structures.


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