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Unless you’re an interior designer, you may need the help of a general contractor in Los Angeles to kick off your bathroom remodeling project. This is especially true if you’re looking for creative solutions to help you make the most of a small space.

If you’re tired of trying to maneuver around a tiny bathroom space that has been poorly designed and lacks functionality, here are just a few ways to make your bathroom feel a lot bigger.

Add Square Footage

If you want to make a space seem larger, the best way is to actually make it larger. Whether you’re interested in new home construction in Los Angeles or you’re working with a finished property, see if you can pull some space from an adjacent room.

You may have square footage to spare in a closet, bedroom, or other living space flanking the bathroom you want to remodel. If so, just pull a few inches or feet from elsewhere to pad your bathroom. Not everyone has this option, but if you do, there’s no reason not to take full advantage.

Look at the Walls

If your bathroom is one that has interior walls to separate the toilet and/or shower space from the cabinet and counter area, you might want to consider knocking down this divider. Even though it might only add a few inches to your space, simply removing the barrier will make your bathroom seem significantly larger.

Don’t forget to look inside your walls, as well, for potentially wasted space. If you don’t have soffits (and most bathrooms don’t), there’s a good chance you’ll find hidden nooks situated under or around the ductwork in your walls.

These can be hollowed out and turned into recessed, built-in shelving, helping you to increase storage space even if you downgrade to smaller bathroom furniture, including cabinetry.

Include Smaller Pieces

An oversized tub sure is nice when you want to luxuriate in a hot bath, but it simply may not fit in your tiny bathroom. Luckily, there are alternatives.

For example, you could go for height instead of width, utilizing vertical rather than horizontal space to enjoy a larger tub that nevertheless takes up less of your floor space. You could also focus on creating a beautiful, modern shower stall that takes up significantly less space than a tub.

When you hire a company for bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, you could also ask for smaller products, including cabinetry and even your toilet. Newer models, for example, may not extend as far out from the wall thanks to slimmer tanks.

When you have a small space to work with, it only makes sense to scale down the size of furniture. This will help you to take the best advantage of available space while still meeting all of your functional and aesthetic needs.


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